Fuming woman, 78, says council keeps leaving ‘nightmare’ piles of grass at her home

A furious pensioner has reportedly slammed a council over cut grass left outside her home, which she says has become a ‘nightmare’.

Anne Harris, 78, had been left with the ‘ginormous’ patch of grass outside her home after it was cut by the council but had not been put in a bin.

She said that she had lived at the house in Duston, Northamptonshire, for four decades but the issue has only become a problem in the last five years.

The local council, meanwhile, said that clearing up grass cuttings would create a ‘huge additional financial burden on the taxpayer’ as well as a bigger carbon footprint.

The unhappy pensioner told Northampton Chronicle and Echo : “The grass is cut, but it’s just an absolute nightmare. There’s just piles of cut grass. It’s just ridiculous. They have cut the grass and left it.

“They should put it in a compost bin, but it’s just laying there. It’s still there from when it was cut in April.

“It stinks. It will now lay there until they cut it again, and that’s however often they decide to cut it.

“It’s just such a mess. It just lays there. Why they can’t come round with a trailer on the back of the mower, or a box on the front, I don’t know.”

She told the publication that a scheme was set out for mowing the lawns in 1963 and said that most people who live in the area are retired and paid extra for the service.

Fiona Unett from West Northamptonshire Council said: “The amount of resource required to clear up grass cuttings after each mow would create a huge additional financial burden on the taxpayer and a much larger carbon footprint.

“Leaving the grass cuttings in place avoids all of the additional cost and environmental impacts though we understand it can look a little untidy for the first few cuts. We would urge anyone who is concerned about the standard of our services to contact us at [email protected] and we will investigate.”