Pregnant mum hospitalised and kids left terrified by raging all night student parties

A pregnant mum ended up in hospital due to stress caused by all night parties that leave her kids terrified.

Priya Bains says her family are kept awake four nights a week by pounding house parties on their Nottingham road.

Her five-year-old son is too afraid to sleep in his own room due to bursts of shrill screaming from revellers, forcing her husband to sleep on the sofa, Nottingham Post reported.

Priya, who is 14 weeks pregnant, was recently taken to hospital due to dehydration and stress, she says.

The debauched students have even flung spent nitrous oxide cannisters into her garden where the children play.

The desperate 30-year-old feels that despite keeping a diary of events and continuously calling for help, no one has taken her problem seriously.

“The amount of parties that have gone on is ridiculous. The parties can start about 1pm in the afternoon and does not stop until 4am,” Priya said.

“I have a five-year-old and he gets very disturbed when they are screaming.

“He does not know they are screaming for joy. He thinks they are in distress and gets very upset.

“Since we have lived in this house we’ve had problems where he is emotional and incontinent at night.

“The noise is always loud and feels like someone is trying to get into the room.

“It has got to a point now where he is in my bed and my husband is sleeping on the sofa.

“Four nights a week our sleep will be disturbed. I don’t mind a party or a knees up. We are all human and need a let down, but not three or four times in the week.

“Not every night should we have to hear screaming and shouting.”

Priya moved into the property three years ago with her partner Sarosh Williams, 31, and their two sons.

She said the family have struggled to move houses due to the pandemic but are desperate to leave an area they once loved.

The despairing mum said that police attend her calls to the parties causing students to flee in a “stampede” in a bid to avoid fines.

New gatherings quickly form however, sometimes as early as 1pm the next day and running until the early hours.

Recently, the family were faced with an emergency when Mrs Bains said she was taken to hospital which she says was linked to dehydration and stress.

“I am not getting any rest because the children are up throughout the night,” she added.

“I was admitted into hospital. I think it is down to the stress of living here.

“With the stress I can’t keep anything down. I am always worried about what will set the baby off or my five-year-old.

“I have kept a diary of complaints but I have given up because nothing ever gets done.”

Sarosh, a electrician, said they would never have moved to the area if they knew more students would move into the street.

He said: “It is good for a bachelor but not for any families who are living here. You can’t expect a family to live and survive with good moral values here.

“There is no community feelings. If it wasn’t for the students the area is beautiful.”

On Saturday, May 8, police closed down a house party next door to them, where 16 students were handed £200 fines.

Residents at the time said they saw taxis pulling up on the street, with groups of “three or four” entering the property.

It is still illegal for people to meet indoors and gatherings should only be limited to six people or two households outdoors.